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pan digger — золотоискатель, старатель a flash in the pan — мимолётная удача, подарок судьбы to shut one's pan — ≅ держать язык за зубами. Pan definition is - a usually broad, shallow, and open container for domestic use (as for cooking). How to use pan in a sentence. Пан, ПАН — слово и аббревиатура, имеет несколько значений: Пан — в древнегреческой мифологии сын бога Гермеса, покровитель пастухов, природы. Define pan. pan synonyms, pan pronunciation, pan translation, English dictionary definition of pan. all Examples of words with the root pan-: panacea n. Greek Mythology The god of woods, fields, and flocks, having a human torso and head with a goat's legs. Pan, in Greek mythology, a fertility deity, more or less bestial in form. He was associated by the Romans with Faunus. Originally an Arcadian deity, his name is a Doric contraction of paon (“pasturer”) but was commonly supposed in antiquity to be connected with pan (“all”). His father was usually. Pan definition, a broad, shallow container of metal, usually having sides flaring outward toward the top, used in various forms for frying, baking, washing, etc. See more. pan definition: 1. a metal container that is round and often has a long handle and a lid, used for cooking things. Learn more. Prefix. Pan-, a prefix from the Greek πᾶν, pan, meaning "all", "of everything", or "involving all members" of a group All pages with titles beginning with Pan, most but not all using the prefix; People. Pan (surname), Chinese family name (潘 or 盤) Pan Ron, Cambodian singer; Arts, entertainment, and media Card games. Pan (game), a shedding card game of Polish origin. pan (third-person singular simple present pans, present participle panning, simple past and past participle panned) To wash in a pan (of earth, sand etc. when searching for gold)(Can we date this quote by General Sherman and provide title, author’s full name, and other details?) We [ ] witnessed the process of cleaning up and panning out, which is the last process of separating the pure. Track your PAN/TAN Application Status. Please select type of application: Application Type: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER: N- (Please enter 15 digit numeric number) * Verify Status of Application: Please enter alphabets and digits only and Characters are Case Sensitive. PAN holders can apply for PAN Card printing using UTIITSL portal for their PAN allotted through Income Tax Department's Instant PAN service, soon after relaxation/lifting of the nationwide lockdown. Dispatch of PAN Cards shall be possible only after resumption of postal services.